Why study at ICMC?

  • Tradition: Since 1971, the ICMC has offered excellent undergraduate and graduate courses and has been developing innovative research in the areas of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.
  • Quality: The ICMC has a highly qualified faculty, formed by practically one hundred percent of PhD holders with an exclusive contract.
  • Infrastructure: The Institute offers state-of-the-art facilities and resources, providing learning and research experience using classrooms and auditoriums which have audio-visual and video conference facilities, modern equipment labs, a library with an integrated collection catalog and 24-hour study rooms.
  • It's for everyone: USP is a public university and its courses are free. Scholarships and permanence grants are offered to those who have financial needs.
  • Employability: The areas of activity in the ICMC are valued in the labor market, allowing students a range of choices in their areas of activity. The level of employability is high both in academia (universities and research centers) and in business.
  • International opportunities: The ICMC has partnerships with universities and companies from various countries, enabling students and researchers to participate and connect with professionals and cultures from all over the world.

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