The Professional Master's Course in Mathematics (PROFMAT) is a Graduate program for Mathematics teachers of basic education in the public school network, coordinated by the Brazilian Society of Mathematics and recognized by the Ministry of Education.

PROFMAT was evaluated by CAPES with grade 5, the maximum for programs that only have Master´s programs.



Student admission and the distribution of scholarships take place through a National Access Examination, concerning a program of mathematical content of basic education, previously defined and disclosed. This examination consists of a single test, held at least once a year, at the same time, in the associated institutions.



The rules for conducting the National Access Examination, including the period and requirements for registration, dates, times and venues of the exam, number of places in each associated institution and the criteria for correction, are defined by a public notice from the Management Council, which will be publicized on the PROFMAT website.

When enrolling for the National Access Examination, candidates can choose, among the Associated Institutions of PROFMAT, the one that is most convenient for them to do the program. This choice is not conditional on the candidate's place of residence or work.

Approved students are selected by classifying the candidates up to the limit of the number of places offered by each associated institution.



After the results of the National Access Examination have been announced, each classified candidate must go to the associated institution chosen at the time of enrolling for the Exam to register as a PROFMAT graduate student at that Institution. The calendar and venues of the ICMC registration are published on this website.


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