Palestras e Seminários
auditório Luiz Antonio Favaro (sala 4-111)
Palestrante: Misha Verbitsky
Seminário Genet-Roussel

Professor: Misha Verbitsky (IMPA)

Abstract: The Teichmuller space of geometric structures of certain type is the quotient of the set of all geometric structures of this type by the group of isotopies (that is, the connected component of the diffeomorphism group). The natural examples are Teichmuller spaces of complex, symplectic, holomorphically symplectic, hyperkahler or holonomy G2 structures; they are all finite-dimensional and often smooth manifolds. I will focus on the Teichmuller space of symplectic structures, which is a smooth, finite-dimensional manifold, and describe it explicitly for hyperkahler manifolds, such as K3 surface and a torus. I will explain the ergodic properties of the mapping group action on the symplectic Teichmuller space, and give some applications.


14:00 - Parte I

15h15 - Café

15h45 - Parte II



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