Palestras e Seminários
auditório Luiz Antonio Favaro (sala 4-111)
Palestrante: Aldicio Miranda
Seminários de singularidades

In this work we investigate the real geometry of some map germs of corank one from (R^3, 0) to (R^3, 0). More precisely, we find deformations that describe all the real singularities of the germ at source and target.
One of the reasons for this investigation is due to the D. Mond's Conjecture: Is it true that all real good deformations are maximal? A real deformation of a germ is called maximal or a M-deformation if it possesses all singularities that are present in its complexification.
In these dimensions, we call it a real good deformation, if its discriminant has the rank of the 2^{nd} homology group equals to its discriminant Milnor Number. All simple germs of minimal corank are maximal and also there is a simple germ of corank two not maximal. Is there an example of a non-simple germ of minimal corank without an M-deformation? In this talk, we will show an answer for this question.


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