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Auditório Prof. Luiz Antonio Favaro

Palestrante: Márjory da Costa Abreu

Modo: Presencial

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The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) usage such as a virus (or the solution for all humanity problems), such technology has created an era where Big Tech companies exert unparalleled influence over society. This research talk explores the critical dichotomy between Ethical AI/Human-centered AI and Profit-driven AI, emphasising the pivotal role that computer scientists play in shaping the trajectory of AI development.

The presentation begins by dissecting the ethical implications of AI technologies and their potential impact on humanity. We will discuss the contrasting ideologies behind Ethical AI, designed with human values and well-being in mind, and Profit-driven AI, which prioritises financial gains often at the expense of ethical considerations.

Finally, questions related with the responsibilities and moral obligations of computer scientists in steering AI development towards a more ethical and human-centered approach will open our exchange of ideas.



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